• Creation Process of Mexican Palm Leaf Hats

    We will be exploring how our Mexican Palm Leaf Hats are produced, and we hope you can come to understand the craftsmanship put into each and every one of our straw hats.
  • Latin's Hand Events Participation

    New Orleans is very well known for its culture, festivals, food, music, and celebrations. We are proud of being a part of all these different cultural events. Here are some of the events we have participated in!
  • The History and Creation Process of the Panama Hat

    The infamous Panama hat does not originate from Panama. Then, where does it originate from? How did it become known as the “Panama” hat? This can be chalked up to a few factors in history. Specifically, two main figures helped to popularize Panama Hats.
  • How to Know Which Hat Size You Are

    The size of a hat is one of the most important details. If you don't know your correct size, you run the risk of the hat being too tight and bothering you or too loose and falling off your head, so let's go over how to figure out your hat size.
  • How to Find, Choose, and Hang a Hammock

    In this article, we offer some advice on what type of hammock to pick, places you can hang them, as well as some recommendations on how to hang them for a fantastic and luxurious lifestyle.